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Day To Day Floor Cleaner

1 Litre
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Bulletproof Day To Day Cleaner contains a highly effective germicide which kills a wide range of bacteria including, Listeria, E-coli, MRSA, Weil's Disease etc.

Ideal for Bathrooms, Kitchens and General Cleaning.

It is safe to use on all metals, plastics, enamel, ceramics and other washable surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean, deodorised and germ-free.

 Special Features

Excellent cleaner and disinfectant

  • Environmentally safe
  • Neutral pH - Non-corrosive - contains no acids, alkalies or bleaches
  • Destroys bacteria instantly
  • Economical to use - a small amount goes a long way
  • Fresh pleasant fragrance


120m2 per litre.

Coverage will vary depending on the ratio of dilution.

Directions for use

Heavy duty cleaning:  1:5 - 1:30 with hot or cold water
General cleaning and sanitising:   1:10 - 1:50.
Maintenance cleaning:   1:100 - 1:200.

Apply by mopping, spraying or soaking.

Allow a few minutes to work and rinse well with clean water.

Use neat for toilets and drains.

For use in laundries add 1 cupful per 100 lbs of wash.


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